2006 Untitled Christopher Wool

1982 Jean-Michel Basquiat 


Model: Chelsea Rose

Photographer: Jeffrey Jordan

                  Model: Natalie Cardenas

October Something, 2016

‘’I’m a creep. I’m a widow. What the hell am I doing here. I don’t belong here. I don’t care if it hurts. I want to have control. I want a perfect body. I want a perfect soul.’’
Creep cover by Ember Island has been on repeat lately. Great rendition and I rarely love covers but this ones my jam.

All artists go through it; creative block. I’ve been so caught up with life that I blank out every time I go to paint. I’m not depressed, I’m not happy, I’m not overwhelmed, I’m stuck. I’m stuck in a place only I can get out of. 

 I completely fell off the social wagon and it’s humbling how many people have reached out to me regarding missing my blog and IG Art. So here’s your update. I’m a human, going through typical life shit. And I’m getting it off my chest in hopes the old me will shine back through. I bought 4 new canvas on Friday and have been in and out of my art studio all weekend. Those creative juices will be back soon ^__^

JUNE 2, 2016

Sometimes you lose yourself in a painting, other times you find yourself. It's the most beautiful process. It’s indescribable the feeling I have after creating a new work. 

Lately, life has been a whirl wind of life lessons and adventures. I’m living for the first time in a while and I have no real complaints. All my fiascos are translating into my paintings and it feels so real. Yesterday, I body painted a friend and we had a photo shoot. It was one of the best shoots I’ve done because I was able to be the photographer; and from start to finish, paintbrush to photograph, the vision was 100% mine. 

The area we shot around in Bushwick is my new favorite place to roam. Filled with industrial buildings, construction sites, old warehouses and amazing ART! For my NYC artists, Johnson Ave. is quickly becoming one of the most beautiful street art scenes to take full force in Brooklyn in a while. If you haven’t visited that area, you are missing out! Johnson Ave and Morgan area is where it starts out and heading east it gets better and better as you walk/drive on Johnson. Bushwick Collective has done an amazing job of creating culture in the community and I’m excited to feel the evolution! Check out the link below for details on an art festival they’re having this weekend~ http://bushwickdaily.com/tag/the-bushwick-collective/

I plan on using some of these shots for an upcoming art show and a couple prints I’ll be making mixed media with. I’m really excited to share this with you and I can’t wait to push the envelope even further. I hope you enjoy! 

MAY 22, 2016

Heyyyyyy. It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged. Working more than usual, trying to get my art collection finished for an upcoming show, and stopping to enjoy life. It’s been quite a whirlwind but I cant complain. 

Something I’ve kept hush hush for some time; I’ve been single for a few months now. I feel as if I’m practically best friends with my ex (she’s literally one of the most amazing human beings I’ve been lucky enough to know), and who knows what the future holds for us/me, but I do know that I am content with my current situation. I’ve been in NYC for almost 4 years and this is the first time that I am living alone in my own place, financially secure, and jam packed with goals. Something about my current situation of independence and curiosity, is fueling my fire. 

I’ve been focusing so much on my art lately... and the response I’ve been getting on my IG art page and FB is so humbling. I receive some interesting DM’s and messages asking questions that I’ve realized people may wonder about me:
Born and raised: Phoenix, AZ
Age: 27
Current location: NYC 
Why: Moved here at 23yrs old to pursue fashion styling and Abstract Art
Career: Visual Manager of a Global Flagship Store in SoHo, NY
Art Background: Self taught abstract artist
Medium: Acrylic on canvas, mixed media
Background: Previously with Arbitrary Arts in Phoenix, Arizona. Fortunate enough to have 7 Solo Exhibitions, 3 Art festivals and 1 Raw Artists Phoenix Showcase. 

Next Showcase: This summer, TBA
Inspirations: Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Christopher Wool and NYC Street Art
Favorite Music: Blues, Hip Hop, EDM
Favorite Bands/Muscians: BB King, Biggie, Dillon Francis



PS: EDC NYC WAS AMAZING! Here are some dope shots from my day! 








MAY 11, 2016


$57.3 million dollars. Jean-Michel Basquiat. Record high sell for the artist this past Tuesday at the Christie's auction here in NYC. For an artist who's just hoping to sell a painting for under a grand, I'm completely speechless to the amount of 57.3 million. The 1982 painting was sold by an NYC art collector to a private Asian buyer. The New York Times published an interesting article reviewing the Christie's auction this week; and as I read about the other successful artists, I began to feel overwhelmed. Anything worth something, is never easy. However, the art world seems to be one of the most intense competitive careers out there. Living in NYC definitely reminds you of that more than Arizona. I'm ONE of millions of artists pouring their soul out to the public not because I 'want' to, but because my soul on some level forces me. I can't not paint. It's in my blood to pick up a brush and paint my feelings. And hey, maybe one day my feelings will sell for 57mil. 


Besides Basquiat being one of the artists who sold at Christie's, Christopher Wool was also successful that night. He's another artist I really respect. Impactful paintings that make me feel something real and deep. I get lost in his work. Check him out.


Christie's Review Article



Christopher Wool










​MAY 9, 2016

I awoke this morning to the sun shining, wind breezing, and a smile on my face. Something about being from Arizona, the shining sun literally changes my entire aura. Most people dread Mondays, but today… I was stoked to start a new week. Fresh start; ready to get shit done. Maybe I’m also so cheerful because  I received some of the professional photos from the body painting shoot I recently did! I deserve an award for keeping my mouth shut this long on what I have in the works! Soon my loves, soon I will share what’s up my sleeve. Til’ then, enjoy one of the many photos I will be spamming you with! 


If you live in NYC, a Michael's Art Supply store recently opened up in Downtown Brooklyn! 252 Atlantic Ave! If you're an artist who lives in Brooklyn and has to endure the painful trip to the Michaels in Chelsea, this just made your day, I'm sure.

PS: EDC NYC is this Saturday and I'm like a little kid waiting to go to Disney Land!  







MAY 4, 2016

Unfortunately, I've been sick so I haven't been able to paint or blog as much. When I get that extra moment of energy I've been trying to sneak in some detailing sessions. I love painting huge paintings, yet I hate detailing big or small ones. I'm sending out a sold painting this Friday and trying to finish up a commission painting by next week. **Excited lady** :D

Also, I'm excited to announce an art show in the works for the end of the summer. Details to come! Something about New York City summer parties and art shows. Summer nights...tank tops and vans, rooftop parties and art shows that vibe with your soul. At least thats how I feel..sippin' on a glass of wine, staring off into some beautiful artist's soul through their painting; surrounded by friends, music and spirits. My soul craves those nights. I'm so excited to be hosting one!








MAY 1, 2016

I finally bought a laptop (I wanted to buy 12 new canvas' instead) but I really wanted to take off running with this site and my art. **Super excited** I decided to add a ''blog'' page to share my NYC life in depth with everyone.

I've been here for almost 4 years and the longer I live here, the more I observe artists and the art community. It was so intimidating when I first moved here and saw all the amazing art throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. The truth is, every artist is struggling to get noticed and we're all intimidated by the enormous art culture here. It takes a lot of guts to meet with Art Groups or Gallery owners and show them your work to potentially rip apart. However, the feeling of connecting with people who share the same passion as you, is amazing. 

Here's a snip it of a body painting project I'm working on~ Professional photos to come! :)​